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            At Grant Synergy, we know how much time it takes to operate, manage, and grow your business.  By analyzing existing operational challenges and finding financial means to help you grow and expand, we not only improve your business’s performance; we free up your time so you can focus on your company’s productivity and business success.

            Our team of experienced funding advisors are constantly monitoring the government funding space, to ensure you are getting full support through the application process, while maximizing your funding potential. By doing so, we can help leverage funding and expediate your capital investments, product development, and expansion strategies from planning to execution.

            Our high success rate (93% of applications submitted in the last year were successful) shows we have quickly become a leader in Canadian Government funding incentives, and we’re dedicated to work with you to achieve your funding needs. Priding ourselves in providing all clients with quality, white glove customer service, we promise that if you are not satisfied with the service or funding decision outcome you have received, you will not be charged accordingly.


Funding Programs

There are five main sectors that government funding focuses on. These include:

Hiring & Training: Help ensure your company is running with the most qualified and trained employees. Government funding can help you cover costs to hire and train staff in new areas of technology, processes, and essential skills.

Expansion & Capital Investment: Allow your business to grow with government funding to help cover the cost of capital investments including leasehold improvements/building expansions, equipment/machinery, marketing, software., etc.

Research & Development: Stay competitive in your industry with funding to help cover costs of continual innovation to your business processes, products, and/or services.

Export Growth: Looking to expand your product into new market areas? Export Growth funding can provide financial support to help you reach new foreign partners, grow your business abroad, and attract potential foreign investors.

    • CanExport SMEs
      Up to 50% funding to a maximum $50,000 per project. (Average grant approvals range between $40K-60k per project).
    • CanExport Innovation
      Up to 50% of expenses covered, max $50,000 per project.
    • Export Guarantee
      Determined based on credit rating, amount of financing needed and duration of coverage. Cannot exceed $10 million

Environmental Funding:  The Government of Canada has specific funding opportunities to support projects that help or directly contribute to restoring and protecting water quality, address plastic pollution and climate change, the recovery of species at risk, and improve sustainability of ecosystems.

Events and webinars

Learn more about different Government funding and ways they can help your business. By joining our webinars and events, our team will guide you through understanding the grant completion process, while also assisting in creating a plan to achieve your business goals.








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frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a grant funding and SR&ED tax credit?

Grant funding is typically proactive funding, specific to a particular project, where SR&ED is retroactive funding you can receive as a tax credit for innovative R&D efforts completed in previous fiscal years.  IRAP funding would be the most similar program to SR&ED, however IRAP has a higher funding allocation amount and is proactive, so you need to apply ahead of time, prior to starting your R&D project.

What are eligibility factors for funding?

There are a numerous funding programs available, all with different eligibility factors.  The larger funding programs do have certain requirements, which include a min employee count (usually 10+ employees), a min number of years in business (typically 2+) and require 2+ years of financials

Are Canadian grants only available for companies that are incorporated?

No, although the bulk of programs do require companies to be incorporated, there are still many programs available that allow other forms of business entities to apply.

Do funding programs only support research and development?

No, there are 4 different subsectors of gov funding opportunities.  R&D is one of those, as well as Human Resource (hiring and training), Export Expansion and Capital Investments/Expansion programs.

How long do I usually have to wait to get grant approval?

Each program has there own average approval timeframe.  Typically, the smaller funding programs such as hiring and training can be approved within a few days to a couple weeks, where the large expansion/capital funding programs can take an average of 3-4 months to receive approval (sometimes up to a year for the supercluster programs).  Therefore, we always encourage our clients to reach out to us as soon as possible, as a lot of the programs require approval before the projects can start.

Once approved, how long before I will receive my funds into my bank account?

Again, this will vary depending on the funding program and the number of applications they need to process payment for.  Some will release payment immediately, which could see your bank account within 2-3 weeks, where others only release funds once you submit a claim and show proof of payment.  For each program, will help set these expectations for you, so you can better manage your cash flow needs.


Client Testimonials

Great turnaround time. Reached out to get help with a grant very close to the deadline. The team was able to get all our company information and complete the application ahead of schedule. Was very impressed with their knowledge on what information to include in application to higher chances of approval.

– EnviroEarth

The Grant Synergy team was an absolute pleasure to deal with! They provided great support throughout the entire application process and were very knowledgeable in which grants would be the best fit for us. Will continue to use them for our future applications. 

– Totem Technologies

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